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we're back now with more of "today" on a monday morning, november 12th, 2012. got a nice audience. a beautiful morning, it's mild out. we've got beautiful warm temperatures. blue skies and that's going to stay the same for a little while. cold weather comes in in time for tomorrow's consigalecert. >> it's going to be cooler but not cold. >> a more important event. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, al roker and the newest now official member of the "today" show family,
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co-hosting the 9:00 hour is the one and only mr. willie geist. welcome, guys. >> happy willie geist day. >> everybody is saying happy first day of school. doesn't feel that way. been at this school for a long time. >> you've been matriculating. >> thrilled when i walked in and saw the line of teenagers waiting for my show. >> we know you got your start in television behind the scenes. we were very sorry to see that your rap career did not work out. >> not yet, not yet. >> certainly made something of yourself. so excited to have you. we'll welcome you more all next hour. >> looking forward to that. talking politics, something i cover in my other job. hillary clinton, a piece in the "new york times" yesterday, suggesting perhaps she has not ruled out 2016. yes, already talking about 2016. we'll talk about whether or not she could be the next president of the united states. >> and after the last two weeks of hurricane sandy and then the nor'easter, we've been seeing some heartbreaking pictures coming out of those areas.
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and who about the other victims. these pets, some amazing people who have stepped in. >> all right. lots to get to, but first let's go inside. natalie is standing by with a look at all the headlines. natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. the fallout is widening this morning following the resignation of cia director general david petraeus. officials say the fbi investigation into petraeus' extramarital affairs was triggered by a complaint by one of his family friends, jill kelly. kelly told the fbi she had been receiving anonymous harassing e-mails. the fbi traced those e-mails to petraeus biographer paula broadwell we developing their affair. intelligence officials and congressional leaders want to know why they weren't told about the affair sooner as a matter involving a potential security breach. deadly devastation in an indianapolis neighborhood has forced some 200 residents from their home as officials investigate what caused a sudden
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explosion and fire killing two people. the massive blast came without warning late saturday night, and the area is off limits until police know what cause it had. frustrations are brimming over in new york and new jersey where two weeks after superstorm sandy, some 120,000 homes and businesses remain in the dark. this as the american red cross fights back at criticism of its response to the storm saying its work has been, quote, near flawless. but in some hard hit areas like breezy point, new york, residents say they have seen no sign of the relief organization. a new study published in the journal "pediatrics" find women who had the flu when they were pregnant were twice as likely as others to have a child later diagnosed with autism and those who had a fever that lasted at least one week appeared to be three times as likely to have a child with autism. the research involved 96,000 children in denmark. health officials say the findings reinforce recommendations that pregnant women should get their flu shots. bond has never been bigger.
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"skyfall" debuted in the top spot at the weekend box office. it took in nearly $88 million, a record opening for the james bond franchise. disney's animated "wreck-it ralph" was second and "flight" with denzel washington was third. this massive fireworks show in kuwait just won a place in the guinness book of world records for the largest display ever. it was all in honor of the golden jubilee anniversary of the country's constitution. absolutely spectacular photos. it is now four minutes after the hour. let's go over to al with a check of your weather. hey, al. >> and good morning, let's see what we've got. a frontal system stretching from the great lakes all the way down to the gulf coast bringing big changes temperature-wise, that's for sure and looking at a lot of
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wet weather from detroit down into louisiana with heavier rain, some as much an an inch to two inches of rain. pacific northwest. we'll be looking at anywhere from three to four inches of rain, from portland up to seattle and snow in the upper elevations of the olympians and >> good morning. temperatures will be way above average on this monday. rain will come in tonight. >> all right. time now for today's "take 3" where we give our take on the three stories that have caught our attention.
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you know what's caught my attention? >> what's that? >> willie geist's first day. we are so happy to have you here. >> first official. >> first official day. >> you've done "take 3" a million tame. >> i'm a vet. >> let me ask you this. did you sleep in until 5:00 a.m. today? >> people asked me. i slept in until about 4:45 a.m. >> wow. >> it was a big night last night. i stayed up till like 9:30, it was wild. look out, new york city. >> did you set your alarm? >> sadly i woke up. i woke up without an alarm. >> you had a big day yesterday celebrating veterans day. >> today's the big observance. i was out marching in the parade here in new york city with a group that my wife and i have worked a lot with called operation manned, a great group out of ucla medical center who does reconstructive surgery for soldiers badly wounded by ieds and i was proud and honored to be able to march with them yesterday. very cool. >> wow.
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>> very cool. >> our next take two, if you will, hillary's next move. >> there's this piece, a lot of people are talking about it in the "new york times" yesterday written by gail collins did, an interview with hillary clinton in which secretary clinton talked about life after her job as secretary of state. the first question everyone asks is will you run for president? >> right. >> and she said can i get five minutes to catch my breath before you start asking me this. >> deserves a break, right? >> she transitions into talking about hgtv around home improvement shows. >> the only way she relaxes is by watching home improvement shows but there's polls out in iowa, got 58% of the vote for 2016, so it seems a little inevitable. savannah, you covered politics for a long time, that she will run. not ready to talk about it yet >> i interviewed her a year ago and i asked her, and i was not the first or the last to ask her and i guess what i think, i don't have any special knowledge, but i think she really believes right now that she won't run. i think she's very tired. she's the most traveled secretary of state.
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she's constantly on the road, and as she said in this article, she would like to get un-tired, but assuming she gets un-tired, if the head of the party comes to her in two years, everybody comes around her and says you've got to do it, could be the first female president, i think will be hard for her to say no. >> she's only 65. >> are we ready for a female president? i think most of america probably is. >> she would be -- she would break the glass ceiling that she talked about. >> can you think of a more qualified human being? she lived in the white house for eight years with another president, the united states senator, and now she's got every world leader on speed dial so there would be no questions about her qualifications. just a question of if she wants to run or not. >> and her significant other, too. kind of fun, too. >> they are set. >> imagine the excitement. >> oh, man. >> wow. >> who has the bigger spotlight, that's for sure, right? >> and got our take three. okay. weird wedding dances, father/daughter dances and some people have raised an eyebrow about that. a weird trend maybe developing. an article in "the huffington
9:09 am
post" noting their wedding blog. brother/sister dances. >> i guess it's the instance where perhaps the father is not part of the family or deceased, something to that effect and the brother steps in. some people are saying is it kind of strange, a little weird to see brother/sister dances. >> i don't know. >> not under those circumstances. >> i don't think so. >> exactly. >> especially, look, a lot of times your best friend, one of my best friends is my sister. i would have -- if i could have danced. >> do like a funny dance, one of those viral video dances. >> maybe "gangnam style." >> not the right one. >> but dancing cheek to cheek to sarah mclachlan with your brother or sister, let's not do that. let's not do that. >> some people don't like the father/daughter dance but i like it. >> i think it's beautiful. >> i think it's sweet. >> tradition a. people sort of expect that, and there's nothing more emotional i think ever a bride with their dad. >> some men are so elaborate, where did they get the time to do that? >> i feel like a slacker.
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>> fred astaire studio for a month before the wedding. >> speaking of music, we're going to be hearing some of your music, deejay willie. >> no, no. >> not right now. >> "just the way you are." >> you're a big fan of billy joel. >> i do like billy joel, but this is not on my play list. >> your first song. what is it that you love about "kids" by mgmt. >> is that what we're listening to right now? >> oh, yeah. it's a good song. mgmt, you know, i get on pandora, and whatever they tell me to listen, to i sort of take their cue, so this is a band. these guys were friend in college, i think at weslian, a modern cool electronic sound. >> is this like you, you're channeling them? this would have been you if you had a band? >> no, no. i think i would have been the rolling stones in the '60s. >> in other words, he's just way too cool. >> i have to say i did look at your play list because we'll be playing some of your selections throughout the show.
9:11 am
i didn't know almost one of the songs. >> one of them i knew. >> you're obviously too cool for -- >> i mix it up. >> arcade fire. i do a little stones, go back with you. >> one direction on there? >> there is sadly because of my 5-year-old daughter and i go a little late '80s and '90s pop. a huge variety. >> a huge hour of willie appreciation, and -- and -- >> willie appreciation. >> that's what i think it is. i call it willie appreciation dayor w.a.d. >> or look at this. >> he is sweating like a pick. >> no getting out of it now. >> okay. >> gave up the way too early. it's too late. >> you're in. >> that's it. >> you're committed. >> and we're back with much more right after this. the saying easy as pie? i get it now.
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9:16 am
determined to keep them safe at all costs. >> survivors of hurricane sandy are holding on to whatever they can find. >> everything is gone. everything. >> all you have is what's left on your back. >> and by your side. >> despite losing their homes and belongings, these people feel lucky. >> it's my heart. >> she's your heart and soul. >> yes. >> as sandy approached officials in the northeast told residents to evacuate. >> don't leave your pet at home because you don't know when you can get back. >> some didn't heed the warnings. >> most people did not think that they would be gone for this long. they thought they would be back within three days. so they are heartbroken. >> animal rescue teams spent days scouring the hardest hit areas. rescuing thousands of animals. in new jersey 200 pets are in a temporary shelter run by the humane society of the united states. many animals here are accounted
9:17 am
for. but since not all evacuation shelters allow pets it may be some time before their owners can reclaim them. >> we're going to reunite you in a second. >> some are waiting patiently. >> daddy missed you so much. my baby boy. >> others a little less patiently. >> then there are the four-legged survivors without owners, like max, who survived after a tree fell on him. tragically that tree killed his owner and her friend. >> we didn't think he was going to make it for the first 48 hours, and then his strength and his will to live just really, really shone through, and now he's going to bring some comfort and joy to the parents who have really lost everything. >> the ascca is helping this group of displaced new yorkers and their pets move to an animal friendly shelter. >> not having your pet here would be like not having a family member here. >> have these guys and each
9:18 am
other. >> happy reunions after a harrowing ordeal, as people count their blessings in the midst of devastation and loss. >> that's what they always do. >> thanks to the efforts of the aspca and the humane society of the united states, more than 10,000 animals have been rescued and reunited with their owners and pet smart charities has also been very involved with this and i have to tell you, natalie, so incredible. these people i spoke with literally have nothing but the clothes on their back and they are smiling and their animals are safe and warm by their sides and that's all that they are so grateful for. >> a member of the family for sure. hope for many more happy reunions. thanks so much. >> and as we go to break, a look at willie's early days in broadcasting as we welcome him to the "today" family. back right after this. >> the retro jersey craze has been a windfall. you kids almost ready? i've got breakfast waiting for you. wooo!
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>> yeah. willie geist. go-to play list. >> that's big daddy kane. >> yeah. you're big daddy willis. >> that's right. >> we are back with the big screen adaptation of the best selling novel "life of pi." pi patel, stranded at sea with a bengal tiger after a ship carrying the rest of his family sikes. >> and famed bollywood actor portrays the adult version of pi. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning, hello.
9:23 am
>> i want to start with you because your story and your road to this film is an incredible one. you didn't even go to audition for this part, and yet you got it. how did it happen? >> i basically just went with my brother, and i guess, you know, the costume director, he knows me and my family for a while, so he said, you know what, you should just audition. just audition so i did, and i didn't expect anything. things went on callback, callbacks and then i had to meet ang in bombay. >> and you said you went with your brother on the promise of a free lunch was the only reason you went. >> yeah. >> subway? >> and you play the older pi as he grows up. >> yeah. >> and has survived this shipwreck. did you guys talk at all? i mean, obviously you're not in any scenes together, but did you talk about how you wanted to portray this? >> we just talked, and, you know, he decided that he's going
9:24 am
to cast my younger version and that's the only day we met. after that we didn't meet. we are meeting after that. we never talked in the middle of the film. >> and you're on camera for a really the first half of the movie. you're the only human on camera. got to be like a lot of pressure? >> no? >> great confidence. >> it's like this, you know. if you're working with someone like ang and with the crew we worked with, and everybody -- and although i didn't get to spend time with him, it's just you don't feel any pressure, you know, because you're all in together. you feel a sense of, you know, family. >> "the film opens nationwide november 21st. back after your local news. thank you. she loves it. nintendo 3ds xl! nailed it. dad, i'm actually totally satisfied and have no complaints. ho, ho, ho! so smart with your money!
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> another mild day. clouds will thicken up as we go into the afternoon. chance for rain showers early tonight. high temperatures in the mid- 60's. breezy and cooler conditions on tuesday. high of only 50 on wednesday.
9:29 am
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and a frozen butterball turkey, just 88 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. another of willie geist's go-to playlist through his taste in music. a little mumford & sons to kick off the day here. >> one of those you can't get out of your head. hit repeat, repeat. >> a little rock and now a little folksy, a mix of everything. >> we try to go broad. >> i've seen "phantom of the opera" seven times in my life so i have that banging around in my head somewhere, not that i'm going to sing them. >> that and "les miz" on my
9:31 am
playlist. scene, last time one direction took over rockefeller plaza, that there it is, and can you bet it's going to be even bigger and better tomorrow if the lines around the block since thursday are any indication. you should see all the teenage girls outside. they have been there for days just waiting for the boys from britain, and they will be here live. >> coming down sixth avenue. and going up 52nd. >> well, they are going to be here. that's tomorrow on "today." it's going to be mayhem and pandemonium. >> mayhem and pandemonium. >> took a picture of that line, you wonder about the kids, how many days of school are they missing to wait in line? >> oh, willie, you killjoy. >> just saying, priority. >> parents point of view. i'm natalie morales along with al roker and al roker and willie geist on his first day as well. >> welcome. coming up, if your man needs a little style help we've called in the experts from "gq" to help update your guy's look with the
9:32 am
latest trends. >> and willie, of course, showing that travels on our stomach and a lesson on how to get scotch eggs, scotch in the eggs. >> hoping so. >> or eggs from scotland. >> or oatmeal as well, breakfast power for you. >> great april bloomfield is going to whip those up for us. >> nice. >> fantastic. >> a check of the weather. let's see what we've got as far as your weekend ahead. above normal temperatures along the east coast. western two-thirds of the country, below normal temperatures and wet weather in the mississippi river valley and rain in the pacific northwest. by mid-week we're looking for chillier conditions here. warmer in the western two-thirds of the country and the latter part of the week rain along the west coast, below normal temperatures. southeast and atlantic states and more normal conditions in the northeast, new england. gulf coast and on into texas. that's what's going on around at >> good morning.
9:33 am
the clouds will be thickening up today. rain will come in tonight. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right. thank you, al. coming up next, how to update your man's style? but first willie's style on ice. we'll be right back. >> take a little poetic dance around the ice here. right here. >> i'm in manhattan. this year is pennsylvania, okay. pennsylvania. from bank of america. i choose the cash back deals in my mobile or online banking. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay. put in my account.
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9:37 am
you all know if you watch him, you know, on "morning joe," you know he's a man of style. >> i think they do know that, al. means a lot coming from you. the knit tie and the pocket square, got it all. we all could learn a thing or two from the stylish folks at "gq." will welch is the editor and "gq, the style guide," looking your best and succeeding in the world." good morning. >> good morning. >> what's the overriding philosophy for guys who want a little makeover? >> the number one thing is not worry too much about getting fan fancy. really nail the basics especially in the business environment. >> for us cleaning up. bay a laugher, soap and you're done, but there's alittle bit more going on. >> you should spend more money on some things, face wash isn't one of them. cefaphil, 10 bucks in the drug store, cleans the oil off your face in the morning, number one. >> what have we got here.
9:38 am
>> a little hair product, use it this morning and use it every day. gives you shine and lets you style your hair without looking like you're on "jersey shore." >> not worried about that. >> eye de-puffer. >> had a couple of drinks. >> never. >> or didn't get enough sleep and got a little bags going under your eyes, a little stick and rub it under your eyes and off it goes. >> none of that is terribly expenseive. >> 20 buck skwlz let's move on to suits. >> yeah. >> what should we be thinking about? >> value and versatility. this is 399 from suit supply. three years ago you could not get a suit this nice for 399 bucks. the versatility part, a simple pale gray shirt, change the shirt, tie and shoes you can wear this a couple of times a wake. >> gingham shirts, been around for a couple of worse. >> important to get away from blue and gray every week. >> ties are getting thinner? >> getting thinner.
9:39 am
>> do you like that, al? >> not for a chunky guy. >> you can get away with these. this one tie here, you know the difference between a guy who just gets dress in the morning and a guy who has great style is someone who dresses seasonally. this wool tie is for fall and winter. the heavier weight tie keeps everything in proportion. >> what about combination, people worry about this. what kind of tie? say i've got a gingham shirt, is there a rule? >> a shirt like that with purple, don't want patterns clashing with patterns, but in general guys worry about that too much. more goes together than guys think. >> how about outer wear? >> yeah, this is really important. one thing that every man needs is a top coat. you know, you see guys wearing north face jacket and the tails of the suit are hanging out below it. don't be that guy. >> don't be that guy. >> wear the proper top coat. this is banana republic, $275, and the key is it will go with every suit in your wardrobe. don't want a top coat that goes
9:40 am
only with certain suits. >> al's got to cover this beautiful dome of his. what about up top? >> winter accessories, hats, gloves, scarves. >> this unone screams willie. >> chose that one just for him. >> the pom-pom hat. >> the key to the pom-pom hat. >> make this work. >> i can't, but you can. >> just need some curled shoes. world's tallest lab. >> is this in the setup my first day. these are cool. these are in. >> could i look any dorkier? >> my boss is going to fire me if i walk in like that and think i'm nuts. >> what about the casual look? >> well, this is the workout look. you know, if you want to see some scary style, go to the gym. >> oh, yeah. >> you know. >> got guys in pit-stained fraternity shirts and guys in allen iverson shorts. this is how you think you should dress at the gym at "gq." keep it simple. not a lot of logos. not a lot of fabric getting in
9:41 am
the way. our model all-star intern. >> looking good, george. >> american apparel shirt, plain, no logo, nike shows. >> in pit stains. >> please, no pit stains. >> will welch, thanks so much. >> and we're going to be cooking up something special for willie up in the kitchen as we get to know him better and try to embarrass him as much as possible on his first official day, but first these messages. >> hmm, deep fried. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. flexpen® is insulin delivery... my way. levemir® (insulin detemir [rdna origin] injection) is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic
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this morning in "today's kitchen," foods to get me through my long mornings here on the show. april bloomfield is author and owner of a restaurant here in new york and co-author of "a girl and her pig." >> good morning. >> last time we were talking we were breaking down an entire pig.
9:45 am
>> huge pig. >> nose to tail. not going to do that this morning. >> making some scotch eggs because i heard you were a busy man. these are great to go on the go. >> nutmeg and a little bit of sage. this is a sausage wrapped around a soft boiled egg and the most amazing thing. >> scotch eggs, don't want to know, is there scotch involved, and if not why not? >> only when you talk scottish so just give that a little stir and we're going to form a patty. just grab that. great. >> you're a natural. >> all right. >> put it on your hand and flatten it out into a pancake. >> a bit more lake that. what all is in mere meat-wise is this. >> sausage meat, a little bit of sage and a little bit of nutmeg. once you got it in like this. put your egg in and then wrap the sausage around the egg. >> these have been soft boiled already. >> about six minutes. >> in england they used to come very hard boiled, and can you eat them cold which is amazing, have them at picnics. could you make this and have it
9:46 am
after you've done your segmentist know you start quite early. >> not just for breakfast. bring these at any time >> exactly. >> want to coat that. that will help the breadcrumbs thick so throw it into the breadcrumbs once you've done and shape is into a night little ball. getting a little messy here but that's part of the fun. >> cooky is fun and messy. and drop it. have a spoon here. we'll drop it in a spoon and will gently drop this in the fryer. set at 350, takes about eight minutes. fridge rate them, make them the night before, fry them or bake them in the oven here. >> eat them had the or cold. >> i like both because i like a little of everything. >> okay. >> i don't know about you. >> i do. tell me about your cooking philosophy, because you sort of made a name for yourself with dishes like this. how do you describe your style? >> kind of earthy. i kind offully the between a little italian and a little british, so, you know -- i like everything. i like spices and, you know,
9:47 am
english food and everything. >> english food used to have a bad reputation. >> it did. >> but thanks to people like you no more. >> listen, so we're going to crack this open and it should be kind of nice and soft boiled. you see that. >> that looks pretty sexy, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. >> we'll sprinkle a wee bit of salt. >> you're really getting scottish here. >> can you do a scottish accent? >> a wee bit of salt. might have been australia. >> get a little bit of sage. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at that. oh, that's beautiful. and a little porrige on the side. >> another thing you can do on go, make a big batch of porridge, warm it up with milk, put it on the stove or microwave. this is great because it produces slow energy so it's kind of nice and gradual. >> beautiful. >> you'll be set for the day. >> scotch eggs, a little porridg
9:48 am
sg >> hoda and kathie lee in a trivia contest. >> oh, boy. >> kathie lee and hoda are our >> oh, boy. >> ka[ male announcer ]are our connoisseurs of flavor. experts in aroma. they're the world championship cheese judges. [ air horn blowing ]
9:49 am
and while they might seem kind of odd to you -- like this guy -- we just love them. and at the 2012 championship, they awarded cracker barrel gold for cheddar for its rich, full flavor. thanks cheese geniuses. cracker barrel. it's cheddar, perfected.
9:50 am
oh, a little stones on willie's playlist. very nice. "gimme shelter," extending an official welcome to our new co-host today. want to know more about willie geist and what better way than a friendly competition all about willie. >> that's right. >> so kathie lee and hoda, we asked them to partake and help us along. they will be asking the questions. al and i will be competing against each other. willie, you're here to observe. >> why am i here? >> you're the fact checker. >> got it. >> i have a terrible feeling about this. >> no, no, no. >> let's get started. >> who do you think is -- >> natalie is going to clean up.
9:51 am
>> absolutely. >> question one. here's question one. hit your buzzers when you have the correct answer. here it is. where did willie meet his wife? >> no, let me do, the a, b, c. >> got it in the piece. >> it was in middle school, sixth grade. >> whose classroom, what was the school? >> home room. >> willie said home room. >> what was the school? >> oh. >> we don't have to name the school. >> elementally school. >> middle school. >> george washington middle school in ridgewood, new jersey. >> nobody got that one. >> give that one to natalie. >> why are you giving that to natalie? >> all the details except the name of the school. >> how was it meeting your wife at that young age? >> i was 11 so i don't remember a lot about it. >> don't remember. >> i do, actually. >> that wasn't the word i used at the time. >> said it was love at first sight. >> and i went back and proposed to her in the same classroom 20 years later. >> that's an interesting question. >> you do the next one. >> okay. all righty. in high sool willie was a
9:52 am
member of the following two teams. chess and debate, football and basketball. >> swimming. >> got to give that one to al even though you are cheating. >> al roker gets. >> didn't say we had to wait until the end of the question. >> willie's team won the 1991 new jersey state football championship. he was robbed of a touchdown in the title game victory by an official's horrible call. >> great research. >> who was the official? >> his name was joe scarborough. >> we've got a 1-1 tie. okay. >> here we go. question three, when willie sits down at night for a drink or two, and we know something about that? >> what does he have? >> does he have a cold beer. >> we know. >> from london, bourbon. >> kentucky bourbon. >> who came up with these questions. >> and i can tell what you natalie likes from london, too. >> everything. >> whatever is in front of her. >> whatever is put in front of
9:53 am
her, exactly right. >> two for natalie, one for al. >> tie it up, baby. willie majored in college in political science, but what was his minor, geology, french, russian literature or finger painting? >> natalie. >> russian literature. >> finger painting, it sounds funny. >> you were both wrong. >> the correct answer, en. fr francais. >> we're in america. >> he even lived abroad in provenc sgle what's the score, 2-1? >> question five. when willie was a boy, he sent -- >> still a boy. >> postcards from family vacations to which of his heros. are they, a, michael jackson, b, knicks star patrick ewing, yankees slugger dave winfield or hulk hogan.
9:54 am
>> dave winfield. >> you're good. >> he wrote dear winfield postcards to keep the baseball star up to date on willie's summer vacation. >> i was very young so i would write dear winfield, played mini golf and made a hole in one and sent to to yankee stadium. >> why did you think dave winfield would care? >> because i was 7. >> it is 2-2. >> i love it. >> and it's 2-2. >> tiebreaker. >> age. >> how old is willie geist? >> i'd say 39. >> and al roker? >> 41. >> and the correct answer is 37. >> natalie. >> i was -- i said 39. >> if i go over, nobody wins. >> one more. >> what are the names of willie's children? >> he said it in the piece. >> they are girls. >> that's a tough one. >> they are girls. >> i know his wife's name
9:55 am
christina. >> that's not the question, natalie, and thank you. >> oh, okay. >> your girls names. >> lucy and george. >> yeah. >> i think nat mo wins. >> why don't you take the bourbon, al. >> you're the yankees winfield fan so, willie, this is your gift basket which is way too heavy. >> for me. >> i'll take it off your hands. >> objection everyone. >> congratulations and welcome, my friend. >> here you go, will. >> to a long and prosper out relationship. >> cheers. >> thank you. >> hoda and kathie lee back after your local news and weath weather.
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